The Viking has returned from the south!

FEAR NOT MY FELLOW NORTHMAN! I have returned from my voyages pillaging and raping the southlands. In my recent adventures it has taken me to the recently opened . Here I picked up quite a few toys and goodies as you can see from the pictures. The outfit I was going for was a true torvie look. No fancy armor this time, no helmet, just a man with his hammer and axe out to conquer, pillage, and conquest. If you do get a chance I know the sim has been full since it has opened but you should defiantly stop by and take a look at the goods they have running around.


Tunic – Pequ – Uncommon Tunic_Black @

Pants- Rochambeau Nabonu Green

Boots- PFC – FURBOOT *

Gloves- PFC- Fur Gloves *

Hair – Exile: Legend Light Reds *

Beard – Deco MESH Shifty Beard (part of a hair pack) *


LR Hammer of the Blacksmith – for Sword Damage –

LR Crusader Klaive – For Polearm –

Shield – Bracer Claw Shield –

Bow – VFX Tundra Bow


Oh Deer

Oh Deer

In normal raids and rescue raids don’t you ever just feel like sometimes you need some extra padding? Like those arrows that are carelessly lagging out the sim seem to hurt just a bit to much as they pierce through the soft fabric of your tunic?

Well say no more! This latest out of the Ironbeard Armory is perfect for you! Using the Songfeather Anoni plate shoulder guards from the latest Fantasy Gacha I was able to create what could best be described as an armored behemoth of the battle field.

The helmet is the old school mesh Warrior’s Helm, the antlers add an almost mystical effect, some would say it is the added shoulder pads, some would say the horns distract the archers to much to strike at the wearer I leave the choice in your capable hands.

Since I would not be much of a weapons critic if I did not talk about some weapons in my posts I bring you the LR Elven blade. This sleek short bladed sword comes with standard sword scripts as well as a secondary sword that can be used as a shield! The added armor I got from my helm and shoulders allowed for my to skimp on the shield for now turning towards a more berserker focus with my two hand weapons. Despite the shortness of the blade its reach is quite far, a video I will be posting soon will highlight what I mean by this, but trust me folk, this weapon will allow for great customization and outfit creation as well as handle well on the battle field.

Thanks again for reading, please Comment or Subscribe for up to the date news and weapons updates. I will pretty soon start posting more videos, I have a ton of footage but I just have to hit it with a hammer a few times and make it workable. SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD!

Dat Close Up!

Dat Close Up!

Randy Darkfold has been hitting the shield-smiths by storm! With his several face paced and well designed shields hitting Vydarr it is really hard not to be excited for this up and coming designer.

What we have in the picture, is a close up of one of Randy’s latest creations for the Vydarr Vanguards, the black pointed shield has a medieval feel to it comparable to the History Channels show Vikings. The dark coloration and tint-able features allow for you to match this shield with any outfit that you can so desire.

This up and comer is really starting to work on his craft and latest reports say that he starting to ramp up his creations! They look perfect for the Torvie in us all and are stylish enough to make the slaves whimper in trepidation of your martial prowess!

Shield Bearer

Shield Bearer

I had an interesting idea when I was looking through my inventory after the gacha. With all the shields that were released from Stitched Gods and Randy Darkfold I have been victim of shield over dose. In my madness I have created this. A combat style that requires two shields instead of one, using one shield as your melee weapon and the other for defense. It in the pinnacle of personal defense. Granted, in its current form one would find himself up a creek without a paddle, since the shields from the gacha are not outfitted with sword scripts (yet!). We can see especially in RD’s designs with the shields he has kept the Torvaldslander tradition alive, the rounded viking shield with banded metal around the edges makes for the perfect weapon to hold off the pressing raiders with!

Vydarr Defends a ghost raid!

In this raid we see a Ghost attacking force coming in at 2-1 against a turtled Vydarr group. If we watch we can see some of the tactics that are used and a rather unfortunate bond taking a fairly large hammer to the FACE! In this fight I used my VFX Tundra Bow and my Lr Claymore Sword. You also will see some messages from my fancy lady friend, be sure to wave hello and check out her blog as well!

Gladius of Mortis

Gladius of Mortis

Deccan has always provided good strong and fast feeling weapons since he started his shop. I am proud to own the Gladius of Mortis based on these factors. The blade slices through the air and is a must have for any Southern Warrior wishing to make their mark on the raiding fields of Gor. This weapon strikes at sword damage and is fashioned up into a bright shine like any well kept warriors blade should be. Now subjectively when I used this blade on the battle field I found that it is really good for the coordinating attacks. It could keep up with the rapid switches of close range combat, the jumping forward with the blade and then switching back into the bow quickly. Another thing I personally enjoy about this sword is that it shares the switch range with my VFX bow. It cleans up my controls if I want to switch ranges rapidly with both weapons! Thanks for stopping by, going to try and capture some footage and put it up later. See you on the battle field!

The Steel a Torvie Deserves!

The Steel a Torvie Deserves!

This is the LR Claimore, the current weapon that I am using on the battle field. This massive two handed sword can cut through the air like the Hammer of Thor. This finely crafted steel blade is adorned with Celtic designs around the hilt and hand guard. The weapon itself come equipped with all the fancy gadgets that modern weapons have. Weighing in at just 2 scripts with the resizers still inside, this weapon might feel like a 40 pound bar of steel, but won’t slow you down in a heavy combat sim.